If you have your own travel blog, portal, news site, guide, group, forum or another travel focused site and want to expand the features your site offers as well as earn money then you're in the right place! We created ClickTrip.net as our partner and co-branding solution. When offering your visitors cheap flights and hotels search from your site, your visitors will see a co-branded search portal with your colours and logo, and the site will be in your language and currency!

Facts about Jetaways and ClickTrip:

  • 🏷️ Our travel network provides flight and hotel search results with some of the best prices in the industry,
  • 📊 We instantly search 700+ airlines and hotels and 1,000,000+ hotels worldwide to show our users the best prices,
  • 📊 Place direct links to search results, specific hotels or travel destinations as well as hotel search and flight search forms,
  • 󠀥💶 With our partner program you can use our technology to offer the best travel deals to your users and earn passive income!

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